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Chiropractors Salary in Arkansas - AR

Chiropractor Salaries in Arkansas

Chiropractic is an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding profession.  It is also a growing field in Arkansas, with a great deal of opportunity for both new and veteran practitioners to advance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a nearly 20% growth in chiropractor employment over the next ten years, and describes prospects for chirpractors as good.

In part, this is because the growing interest in alternative medical treatment, emphasizing noninvasive procedures and holistic body functioning, has led to a growing demand for chiropractors. Additionally, Arkansas’s growing elderly population, which is expected to rise from 14.3% of the state’s population to 20.3% over the next two decades, is likely to make greater use of chiropractic treatment to improve their structural and mechanical function without undergoing surgery or taking prescription medication.

The average chiropractor’s salary in Arkansas is approximately $57,000—but that figure may vary depending on your qualifications, experience, and workplace. As a chiropractor, you may work at a large healthcare facility, like the Arkansas Regional Medical Center or the Saint Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, or you might open your own practice, as many chiropractors do. Salaries may also vary depending on your location. For example, average chiropractor salaries in major cities in Arkansas are listed below:

  • Little Rock: $48,000
  • Fort Smith: $52,000
  • Fayetteville: $49,000
  • Springdale: $49,000
  • Jonesboro: $58,000

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