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Chiropractors Salary in California - CA

Chiropractor Salaries in California

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, chiropractors can expect solid job growth over the next several years. Most chiropractors work in an office by themselves or with other chiropractors, although some work at hospitals and other health care facilities. Chiropractor salaries in California vary depending on the practice location, among other factors. Chiropractors that live and practice in an urban setting typically have a higher median salary. Because chiropractors have a smaller clientele than physicians (less than 10% of the total population sees a chiropractor), their salaries are typically less than that of a medical physician. However, as complementary and alternative medicine professions such as chiropractic gain acceptance and popularity, one could expect the potential earnings to increase at a steady rate.

Other factors that impact the salary for a chiropractor include the economic conditions in the surrounding community, experience, and longevity in the field. Most people who have chiropractic adjustments are pleased with the results and not only continue to seek help for other issues, but also tell others about their experience.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the mean annual wage for a chiropractor in California as more than $76,000. Below is a listing provided by of average salaries for various California cities of different sizes:

Los Angeles - $65,000
San Diego - $58,000
San Jose - $76,000
San Francisco - $76,000
Fresno - $55,000
Tracy - $60,000
Baldwin Park - $62,000
Merced - $56,000
Chino Hills - $55,000
Napa - $55,000

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