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Chiropractors Salary in Colorado - CO

Chiropractor Salaries in Colorado

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the field of chiropractics will grow at a steady rate over the next several years. Recently chiropractic care has become more accepted as a treatment option and, as a result, some hospitals and other health care facilities have chiropractors on staff. Nevertheless, the majority of chiropractors are sole practitioners or partner with another chiropractor or group of chiropractors in their own office space.

Salaries for chiropractors in Colorado vary according to several factors, including the economic stability of the city in which it is located, the longevity of the practice, and the positive results experienced by patients. Since chiropractors treat a relatively small percentage of the population (less than 10% of the population regularly see a chiropractor for treatment), they rely on word of mouth references from their patients who share their experiences with others. As more people become willing to try alternative medical procedures such as chiropractic, the potential earnings will increase.

The mean annual salary for a chiropractor in Colorado is $47,620 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. lists the following average salaries typical in several Colorado cities:

  • Denver, CO:  $52,000
  • Colorado Springs, CO:  $50,000
  • Aurora, CO:  $53,000
  • Lakewood, CO:  $52,000
  • Fort Collins, CO:  $42,000
  • Pueblo, CO:  $46,000
  • Greeley, CO:  $42,000
  • Castle Rock, CO:  $55,000
  • Boulder, CO:  $34,230

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