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Chiropractors Salary in Georgia - GA

Chiropractor Salaries in Georgia

Chiropractic is one of the fastest growing natural health professions, and prospects for chiropractors in Georgia are particularly good.

Georgia’s elderly population, currently estimated at around 980,000 people, is projected to double over the next twenty years to 1.9 million, comprising 16% of the population. With this older population will come a need for skilled chiropractors to help seniors cope with the structural problems that accompany aging.

The average chiropractor’s salary in Georgia is approximately $69,000, though this may vary depending on your education, experience, and workplace. If you work at a healthcare facility like WellStar Kennestone Hospital, you’ll receive a set salary and benefits, while if you start your own practice, your salary will depend on your clients and rates.

Salaries can also vary between different cities and towns. For example, a list of average salaries in major cities in Georgia is below:

  • Atlanta: $68,000
  • Macon: $54,000
  • Columbus: $57,000
  • Savannah: $58,000

Between the potential for professional growth, flexible work options, and financial rewards, chiropractic medicine is an appealing field with a bright future in Georgia. 

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