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Chiropractors Salary in Louisiana - LA

Chiropractor Salaries in Louisiana

According to the State of Louisiana’s Workforce Commission, there are estimated to be 10 new chiropractor positions and 10 replacement positions opening up in the state each year from 2008 through the year 2018. The commission says that the average chiropractor salary in Louisiana in 2010 is $73,183, but can be as high as $140,132. This is in keeping with the average salary figure of $80,390 quoted by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics for chiropractors who work across the United States.

Salaries tend to vary for chiropractors from state to state, depending upon educational and licensing requirements. Even within a state, a chiropractor’s salary may be different in one town than in another. Larger cities usually pay chiropractors higher salaries than small towns. Those with more specialized education may garner higher wages than those without. The following is salary data averaged from some of Louisiana’s larger cities and towns, obtained at Listed are the highest average salaries for chiropractors working in each major city in Louisiana:

  • New Orleans:  $86,000
  • Baton Rouge:  $84,000
  • Shreveport:  $72,000
  • Lafayette:  $68,000
  • Lake Charles:  $85,000
  • Kenner:  $88,000
  • Bossier City:  $72,000
  • Monroe:  $84,000
  • Alexandria:  $82,000
  • New Iberia:  $68,000

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