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Chiropractors Salary in Massachusetts - MA

Chiropractor Salaries in Massachusetts

Most chiropractors across the United States typically earn $65,000 a year. Yet one of the many reasons that professionals in the field migrate for jobs in this New England state is because of the high salary earning potentials found here. In fact, the average chiropractor salary in Massachusetts is much closer to $73,000 annually. However, salary averages are often the product of local economic conditions. Consequently, salaries averages can be quite dissimilar between cities.

For instance, here are the chiropractor salary averages for the five largest cities in Massachusetts:

  • Boston:  $71,000/yr.
  • Worcester:  $59,000/yr.
  • Springfield:  $63,000/yr.
  • Lowell:  $70,000/yr.
  • Cambridge:  $71,000/yr.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development the employment growth rate for chiropractors employed in the state is 10.7% compared to the average growth of all other occupations combined, which is 6.3%. This projection is largely attributed to the rising public interest in alternative medicine and the willingness of more insurance companies to provide coverage for chiropractic services. While about half of all chiropractors are self-employed, many others join group practices or work in community hospitals, medical centers, and school systems. Chiropractors looking for employment opportunities in places like Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, and Lowell may find great job positions available at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Marlborough Hospital.

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