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Chiropractors Salary in Mississippi - MS

Chiropractor Salaries in Mississippi

According to national statistics from the Bureau of Labor, the number of chiropractic jobs is trending upwards, and will increase by nearly 20 percent in the next ten years. Chiropractors have the choice of opening an independent practice, working on a set salary as part of a group practice, or forming a partnership with other colleagues. Each option will set the expected annual salary. Nearly half of all chiropractors in Mississippi are self employed. The average national salary is $65,000.

Resources like the Mississippi Chiropractic Association provide networking, seminar, and practice resources, as well as connections to the state's credentialing body. It also provides links and references for patients and helps support a positive professional image for the industry.

Mississippi has one of the nation's lowest health indexes, and with rising healthcare costs, more stress in the lives of Americans, and a more open minded attitude towards complimentary medicine, people are looking for alternatives sources of healthcare that can help with their medical conditions. Chiropractic care in Mississippi - as in other parts of the country - focuses on whole body health and prevention.

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