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Chiropractors Salary in Nevada - NV

Chiropractor Salaries in Nevada

Gaining experience during an internship while at chiropractic school so as to list it in your resume will go a long way towards helping you secure a position as a chiropractor in Nevada upon graduation.   It will also support your endeavor by providing you with a network of professional support that is invaluable in the professional world.  Both of these actions will increase the earning potential for a recent graduate in Nevada. 

Chiropractor schools and graduation requirements are similar for all states.  To increase the potential starting salary or to advance into a higher earning bracket, there are things you can do to improve your resume and increase your clientele. 

One major way to increase your salary is to offer services that compliment your chiropractic treatments.  For example, clients could benefit from a half hour to hour massage immediately prior to their manipulations.  This would help their body and their mind relax and be more receptive to the adjustments inherent in chiropractic treatment.  In addition, often the muscles have adapted to a portion of the spine being out of place and regular massage can assist these muscles to allow the spine to realign itself without having to fight against the muscle.  As a chiropractor trained in massage therapy, you could provide additional treatments for many of your clients, enhancing their healing and your salary. 

Some examples of chiropractor salary in Nevada for the larger cities are:

Reno, Nevada:  $130,000
North Las Vegas:  $183,000
Las Vegas, Nevada:  $191,000
Henderson, Nevada:  $161,000