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Chiropractors Salary in North Carolina - NC

Chiropractor Salaries in North Carolina

The median chiropractor salary in North Carolina ranges between $52,000 and $63,000, with established practices promising as much as $90,000 and above. North Carolina holds the tenth place among all states for growth in number of individuals and families with health insurance, and the eleventh place for annual personal expenditures on health. These factors among others contribute to the success of chiropractors in North Carolina, and the incredible 20% projected growth of the field in the next several years.

Income differs between chiropractors in North Carolina depending on experience and location. Average beginning salaries for chiropractors are listed below by city.

  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina $52,000
  • Charlotte, North Carolina $58,000
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina $59,000
  • Cary, North Carolina $63,000

Nearly two thousand licensed chiropractors practice in North Carolina, a number several times larger than many other states. North Carolina also boasts a substantially higher starting salary for chiropractors than other states, with first year pay for new practitioners starting at more than four times the state's minimum annual wages. North Carolina's fairly low unemployment, high spending on personal health, increase in health coverage, and projected growth in the chiropractic sector make it an excellent place to pursue a career in chiropractics.

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