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Chiropractors Salary in Oklahoma - OK

Chiropractor Salaries in Oklahoma

A chiropractor salary in Oklahoma starts between $53,000 and $59,000 annually, although it trends far higher with experience, location, and self-employment. While the expected beginning salary normally stays within the fifty-thousand mark, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the actual mean salary for chiropractors in Oklahoma is closer to $85,000. The considerable difference in average beginning and state mean salaries can be accounted for by the much higher incomes that most self employed chiropractors enjoy, and pay increases that accompany experience and reputation.

Around four hundred and sixty chiropractors in Oklahoma worked for employers in 2009, while about three hundred more worked for themselves. Beginning annual salaries in the state for chiropractors that were not self-employed differ with location. Some Oklahoma cities and their corresponding expected salaries are listed below.

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $53,000
  • Norman, Oklahoma $54,000
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma $59,000

The amount of people regularly visiting chiropractors is expected to rise steadily, following the trend of non-insurance personal medical expenditures, which have been increasing consistently year after year. Personal medical expenditures in the state of Oklahoma have shown more than a one third increase in the last decade, a promising fact for up and coming practitioners.

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