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Chiropractors Salary in Oregon - OR

Chiropractor Salaries in Oregon

A first year chiropractor salary in Oregon can range from some $53,000 to about $59,000 annually. These averages do not account for the incomes of self-employed chiropractors, which make up more than half of Oregon's chiropractic service providers. Of some fourteen hundred active chiropractic licenses in the state, only a little more than five hundred work as employees of public and private clinics. Self-employed chiropractors bring in far more on average than their employee counterparts, with the more successful individuals reporting incomes exceeding $90,000.

Different salaries for facility employed chiropractors can be expected from place to place within the state of Oregon. Expected income can also fluctuate with differing educational achievements, experience and additional certifications. Salary expectations for several Oregon cities are listed below.

  • Portland, Oregon $56,000
  • Salem, Oregon $53,000
  • Eugene, Oregon $59,000
  • Gresham, Oregon $56,000

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a consistent rise in non-insurance private medical expenditures over the last decade. This increase in spending, more than 35% in ten years, as well as a projected national growth of the chiropractic industry of more than 20% by 2018 constitute excellent economic conditions for up and coming practitioners.

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