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Chiropractors Salary in South Dakota - SD

Chiropractor Salaries in South Dakota

Salaries, on average, for a chiropractor in South Dakota are $61,000 which comes in slighty higher than national averages of $59,000. South Dakota has a population of 800,000 people and has a lower than average number of uninsured persons, so residents expect ready access to health care and health care practitioners.

Salaries across the state vary. A chiropractor's salary in South Dakota’s larger cities would be:

  • Sioux Falls $49,000
  • Rapid City $48,000
  • Aberdeen $50,000
  • Watertown $52,000
  • Brookings $51,000

In the US, spending on aternative treatments is growing and reached $33 billion in 2009. Many people seek chiropractic services on their own, and chiropractic physicians may also find themselves working in a collaborative relationship with general practitioners to provide services in areas of medical personnel shortages.

Sites of service vary from independent practitioners‘ offices, to group practices exclusive to chiropractors. Physicians, orthopedic specialits and physical therapists, might also integrate their practices with chiropractors to provide a more holistic practice.

Chiropractic medicine is part of a growth industry in South Dakota and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase in this profession by as much as 20% up through the year 2018.

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