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Chiropractors Salary in Tennessee - TN

Chiropractor Salaries in Tennessee

Tennessee has a population of 6.1 million people and has higher health care spending per person than the average state. In addition, spending in the United States on alternative practices of medicine has been steadily on the rise, and in 2009 reached $33 billion. This means that people are activiley seeking alternative medicines and finding benefit in complementary alternatives. Current challenges with personnel in general practitioners offices have also resulted in a professional and consumer shift towards complementary medicines as an adjunct to more traditional health practices to ensure all health care needs are met. All of these influence job stability as well as chiropractor’s salaries in Tennessee.

In Tennessee, the salary average for a chiropractic phyisican is $66,000. In some of the larger cities in Tennessee, salaries are:

  • Memphis: $52,000
  • Nashville: $56,000
  • Knoxville: $60,000
  • Chattanooga: $54,000
  • Clarksville: $58,000

Chiropractic practitioners in Tennessee can also pursue supplementary licensure in acupuncture, enhancing the type of services provided and enabling greater earning potential.

Professionals in the field of chiropractic medicine may choose to open individual practices or be part of a professional group. The group may be other chiropractic physicians, or a collaboration of multiple types of health care providers. General practitioners, orthopedists and physical therapists may choose to establish a professional relationship with a chiropractor in order to offer a comprehensive service to their patients all in one location.

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