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Chiropractors Salary in Vermont - VT

Chiropractor Salaries in Vermont

Vermont, with it’s population of 600,000, spends far more than the national average on health care and health maintenance. This fact, taken in conjunction with a national increase in access to alternative medicines, gives profesions in the health care industry a level of growth and security that is higher than average. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that chirporactic medicine is forecasted to grow twenty percent by the year 2018. In addition, personnel shortages of general practitioners are being complemented by alternative medicines, so chiropractic health care has an opportunity to bridge existing gaps in traditional health care delivery.

The average salary nationally for a practitioner of chiropractic medicine is $59,000. In Vermont, the salaries for the more populous cities are as follows:

  • Burlington: $49,000
  • Essex: $51,000
  • Rutland: $52,000
  • Colchester: $50,000
  • South Burlington: $50,000

Professional practices vary, and a chiropractic practitioner may choose to open a clinic independently or collaborate with colleagues. Group practices have the benefit of supporting additional practitioners. In addition, practices exist that create relationships across medical disciplines where chiropractors, orthopedic physicians and/or physical therapists have organized clinics that allow a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to clinical service delivery.

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