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Chiropractors Salary in Virginia - VA

Chiropractor Salaries in Virginia

The average chiropractic salary in Virginia is about $110,000 per year. There is no argument that practicing chiropractics in Virginia provides a good return on investment. Because chiropractors have a profound obligation to patients by rehabilitating neurological injuries and strengthening the spine, they can look forward to earning a substantial amount of money throughout the lives of their careers in Virginia.

One of the main aspects that affect salary potential is experience. As a new chiropractor, it may seem a little daunting to think that you will be earning less than the statewide average. Your education and training will get you in the door; the skill you develop and the experience that you build will entitle you to more income each year.

You may also want to consider joining professional associations in Virginia, such as the Virginia Chiropractic Association. This is one of the oldest chiropractic associations in Virginia, and it is dedicated to promoting the rehabilitative abilities of chiropractors, without the use of medications or surgeries.

Geographic location is another aspect that may cause some fluctuation in your salary. Listed below you will find the average chiropractic salary in Virginia according to city:

  • Arlington: $121,000
  • Richmond: $96,000
  • Virginia Beach: $85,000
  • Norfolk: $85,000
  • Alexandria: $121,000

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