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Chiropractors Salary in West Virginia - WV

Chiropractor Salaries in West Virginia

Chiropractors in West Virginia are most definitely high-earners. In fact, the average chiropractic salary in West Virginia is $125,000 each year. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to earn that kind of money by actually doing something that you love? Chiropractors are responsible for assessing and treating spinal and neurological injuries, mainly without the use of conventional medicine. Because of their dynamic skill and dedication to patient care, chiropractors can expect to earn good money.

In West Virginia, chiropractors have the unique ability to choose their career path, and earnings to a certain extent. Most new chiropractors will start out by working in an established clinic, hoping to gain exposure and spread the word of their good work. Established chiropractors in West Virginia often open their own chiropractic clinics. It can take time to build a patient backlog strong enough to support an independent clinic, so recently graduated chiropractors in West Virginia are better off beginning in a clinic that has already established a reputation.

If you want to increase your earning potential, you should consider alliance with professional groups like the West Virginia Chiropractic Society, a group involved with the promotion of public wellness through chiropractic treatment, and dedicated to supporting the continued education of chiropractors in West Virginia.

The list below shows some of the specific salaries earned by chiropractors in West Virginia:

  • Charleston: $96,000
  • Huntington: $96,000
  • Parkersburg: $85,000
  • Wheeling: $66,000

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