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Chiropractors Salary in Wisconsin - WI

Chiropractor Salaries in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, chiropractors typically earn about $87,000 per year, although salary is determined by several factors. Chiropractors are not considered medical doctors, but they are responsible for using alternative methods of treatment to rehabilitate and maintain the health of patients experiencing spinal, neurological, and musculoskeletal health complications. It is important to recognize that chiropractors in Wisconsin are paid well because of their generous contribution to public health.

Chiropractors in Wisconsin can pursue employment in one of two ways: by working in an established chiropractic clinic or by opening their own chiropractic clinic. Because it can take years to establish a rapport with patients and attract them to your clinic, you won’t see very many new chiropractors in Wisconsin approaching employment this way. The other solution is to work in an established clinic under the direction of a more well-known chiropractor in Wisconsin.

To increase your annual income as a chiropractor in Wisconsin, it is important to establish yourself with recognizable industry organizations, such as the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association. This organization maintains its commitment to public chiropractic health by connecting patients with qualified practitioners. Membership with this group can give you exposure to more patients and essentially help you to earn more income.

Geographic location is another factor that can and will impact your earning potential. Here are some of the average chiropractor salaries in Wisconsin listed by city:

  • Milwaukee: $75,000
  • Madison: $75,000
  • Green Bay: $85,000

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