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Chiropractic School in Alabama - AL

To become a chiropractor in Alabama, you must complete two to four years of undergraduate education in addition to four years at an accredited chiropractic program. Though a bachelor’s in almost any field is acceptable, you may find yourself better prepared for chiropractic specialization if you focus on coursework in areas like biology, chemistry, and psychiatry.

Chiropractic school in Alabama will involve at least 4200 hours of combined classroom learning, laboratory work, and clinical practice. In most chiropractic programs, you’ll spend the first two years focusing on classroom learning and laboratory work, learning about subjects like anatomy, public healthy, and physiology. In the second two years, you’ll focus more on gaining clinical experience in areas like spinal adjustment, physical and laboratory diagnosis, and physiotherapy.

Many online chiropractic schools offer the courses necessary to renew your license and keep up-to-date on the most recent developments in chiropractic treatment. Alabama requires 18 hours of continuing education courses for annual license renewal, one-third of which can be completed through distance learning, including online, programs.

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