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Chiropractic School in Alaska - AK

Chiropractors are serious medical professionals whose training requires several years of specialized education and training.

Alaska requires that chiropractors graduate from high school with a strong background in math, science, and English; obtain a bachelor’s degree with significant coursework in biology and other sciences; and complete a four-year chiropractic program at an accredited chiropractic school either online or in Alaska. In chiropractic school, you will spend the first two years completing coursework and laboratory work, and the second two years focusing on clinical training and experience, learning skills like spinal adjustment.

Some chiropractors also specialize in areas like chiropractic orthopedics, the prevention of skeletal deformities, or chiropractic geriatrics, which focuses on the issues of older adults. Though not required, specialization can help you better define your patient base and give you a leg up in building your practice.

Unfortunately, there are no chiropractic schools in Alaska, so if you want to become a chiropractor in Alaska you’ll have to go elsewhere or consider completing your education through online programs.

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