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Chiropractic schools in Arizona provide students with a strong foundation in the structure and the functions of the human body, how disease occurs, and how to prevent, correct, and maintain a healthy body. A minimum of six years education is required to become a chiropractic physician.  Entrance requirements to most chiropractic schools in Arizona require at least two years of undergraduate secondary education. Typical course requirements include mathematics, and organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics, biology and psychology.

Chiropractic colleges in Arizona are generally four-year institutions.  Courses that students are expected to take cover gross anatomy, embryology, biochemistry, microbiology and cell biology, histology, physiology, pathology, radiology, neurology, nutrition and pharmacology.

A chiropractic school places special emphasis on training students to have the ability to identify and treat structural and soft tissues disorders. The curriculum places special emphasis on, biomechanics, x-ray technology and methods, spinal adjusting techniques and procedures, and related subjects.  Students typically complete an internship as well, usually in the chiropractic school’s clinic or the practice of a licensed Doctor of Chiropractor. As part of their education, a good chiropractic school also trains students to recognize medical disorders that require the referral to another specialized healthcare professional.

The state of Arizona requires twelve hours post-graduate instruction for a chiropractic physician's annual license renewal.  

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