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Chiropractic School in Connecticut - CT

Connecticut chiropractic schools offer students the opportunity to complete both pre-chiropractic and Doctor of Chiropractic courses of study. Over the course of the training, students are educated in the basic and clinical sciences as well as in health subjects related to chiropractic principals.

A pre-chiropractic study in Connecticut may require three years (ninety credits) of undergraduate coursework, with science requirements in anatomy, physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, general physics and mathematics.

Once a student is admitted to the chiropractic school itself, curriculum may be divided into three phases: basic sciences, clinical sciences, and clinical services. Among the basic sciences classes that are part of training are cell and tissue microscopic anatomy, pathology physiology, biochemistry, metabolism, nutrition, microbiology, public health, and pathology.

During the clinical sciences portion, course offerings usually include a survey of the history and the philosophy behind the field of chiropractic healthcare, chiropractic principles and practice, diagnosis, radiology, technique procedures, physiological therapeutics and rehabilitation procedures. Students are trained in chiropractic examination skills and palpation and biomechanics of the extremities.

The clinical services phase of the curriculum is the final aspect of the program where interns at the college care for patients under the supervision and direction of licensed doctors of chiropractic. 
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