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Chiropractic School in Mississippi - MS

Finding the right chiropractic school in Mississippi begins with an understanding of what a chiropractor does. Chiropractic care offers a drug-free, hands-on form of therapy; including manual manipulation and adjustment, nutritional counseling, and rehabilitative exercises. For some conditions like whiplash from an automobile accident, chiropractic care might be the main way an injury is treated. When a patient has other conditions, a chiropractor may work as part of the patient's care team in concert with other medical professionals.

While Mississippi's economy relies mostly on agricultural goods, its manufacturing industry is expanding; meaning additional growth for the chiropractic industry. Mississippi is home to a number colleges offering degrees in chiropractic care and is a great place to start your career in this growing field of complementary medicine.

The most well respected credentialing is the Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC); obtained after eight to nine years of school. Most colleges ask that candidates for a chiropractic degree have a Bachelor of Science degree - preferably on a pre-med track, which can usually be earned online. After completing a required amount of clinical class work, students will practice in a student clinic - first working on other students, and gradually progressing to outpatient work under the supervision of an instructor. Clinic work gives students a chance to begin building a client base, gaining experience with radiology equipment, and referring patients to other medical professionals as needed as they practice their assessment skills.

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