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Chiropractic School in Missouri - MO

Missouri is home to programs and schools that are accredited by the American Chiropractic Association.  Chiropractic schools in Missouri work to ensure that students gain an expert level of knowledge specific to body mechanics as they are trained to become proficient in chiropractic technique.

Any school online or located within Missouri that offers a good chiropractic program will focus on a course of study leading to a Bachelor of Science and then post graduate work specific to the chiropractic degree. Students are introduced to biology, neuroscience, and the history of the profession before moving on to classes like clinical microbiology and pathology. Because over half of the chiropractors practicing in Missouri today own their own business, schools often add classes on how to develop and manage a business.

Once a degree has been earned, students in Missouri must pass the National Board Exam for Chiropractors: an all-inclusive exam that tests their knowledge and capacity to perform spinal manipulations safely and effectively. In Missouri, a total of forty-eight hours of continuing education must be accrued prior to the expiration date of the license. At least twenty-four hours must be obtained attending Board approved formal continuing education programs, seminars, and/or workshops.

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