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Chiropractic School in Nebraska - NE

The branch of healthcare encompassed by chiropractic medicine is unique from many other areas of healthcare in that it is focused on a holistic approach to the human body and healing.  The methods of this profession involve taking the entire human body into consideration when assessing the needs and developing a plan of care.

Although there are no chiropractic schools in Nebraska, targeted online programs help satisfy requirements for doctorate programs that produce physicians who treat muscular-skeletal disorders using spinal manipulation techniques.  However, the understanding within the chiropractic community is that not only the spine and the related muscles are affected by the misalignment of the body, but rather the functioning of the entire body is affected.  The thinking behind this form of healthcare is that many ailments that are currently treated with drugs can be alleviated through the realignment and maintenance of the spine using chiropractic manipulations.

Chiropractic schools in Nebraska are found online but often partner with local chiropractors for clinical rotations that are common in the cities of Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue and Grand Island.  Whether you are located in one of these cities or in a more rural part of the state, there are online programs that can offer you the academic portion of chiropractor training. Ultimately the hands on experience necessary to become a chiropractor must be completed in a more traditional learning environment.  

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