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Chiropractic School in New Hampshire - NH

When it comes to education, about 94.1% of all chiropractors in New Hampshire hold a doctoral or professional degree, 1% holds a master degree, and 2.2% hold a bachelor degree, according to the New Hampshire Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau. Ultimately, all chiropractors will need to graduate from an accredited post-secondary school that offers a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Right now, the Council on Chiropractic Education recognizes fifteen chiropractic schools in eighteen different locations. However, students trying to discover a chiropractic school in New Hampshire may be disappointed in finding that none exist in the state yet. In fact, the closest chiropractic schools that are available to East Coast students are located in New York (2) and Connecticut (1).  Still, aspiring chiropractors in New Hampshire can enjoy the convenience of targeted online programs that help satisfy general requirements for admission to these out of state chiropractic colleges.

Most chiropractic schools will only admit new students that have already earned a bachelor degree in a health, science, or medical field. Despite the lack of chiropractic-specific degree programs in New Hampshire, students are encouraged to take advantage on the many undergraduate and graduate programs that offer degrees in health science, occupational therapy, pre-medicine, nursing, public health, biology, medical assisting, health services, and health and wellness. These types of programs are typically found in career institutes, online schools, and state colleges and universities. Altogether, students can expect to spend about seven to eight years of education and training before getting licensed.

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