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Chiropractic School in Texas - TX

In order to be nationally recognized as a doctor of chiropractic, students must graduate from an accredited chiropractic school.  In addition to being able to satisfy general requirements through targeted online programs, southern students also have two different chiropractic schools to choose from in Texas. These chiropractic colleges are located in Pasadena and Dallas and offer programs that are ten trimesters in length. Students applying for admission may be asked for letters of recommendation and official transcripts proving former post-secondary education in subjects like inorganic chemistry, general physics, social science, English/communication, biological sciences, and psychology.

Students that are granted admission into these chiropractic programs can anticipate school requirements to be divided between classroom instruction and applied clinical training. Some of the exciting courses featured in these education programs include: Soft Tissue Mobilization, Spinal Biomechanics, Dermatology, Human Neuroanatomy, Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Biology of Tissue and Cells, and Extra Spinal Analysis and Technique. In terms of practical training, both chiropractic programs conclude with clinical internships, preceptorships, or participation in hospital rotations at health care venues like Texas Medical Center, Campus Health Center, Moody Health Center, and Northern Texas Veterans Administration Hospital—Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Spine Department. Graduates of these programs are rewarded with Doctorate degrees in Chiropractic.

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