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Become an CNA/HCA in British Columbia - BC

HCAs, or health care assistants, and other types of nursing assistants may elect to be placed on the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry. This registry is an attempt by the British Columbian government to list all registered and credentialed health care workers in the province, in an attempt to protect patients, workers and the public and to establish standards of care.

Those wishing to discover how to become a nursing assistant or health care assistant in British Columbia should know that post-secondary education is necessary, as is proof of graduation (such as a certificate or diploma) from nursing assistant or HCA school. A character reference must also be provided before one can be placed on the BC registry. It is hoped by the British Columbian government that those who register on the registry will be able to get started and/or continue in their careers in health care a bit more easily. Health care workers who are looking for jobs may advertise with the registry once registered, and may be contacted by publicly-funded employers.

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