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CNA/HCA Salaries in British Columbia - BC

The average HCA salary in British Columbia can be expected to be about C$13.47 per hour or C$28,017 per year, according to Salaries may vary, and reports a low salary of C$9.83 per hour (C$20,446 annually) and a high pay rate of C$18.46 per hour (averages to C$38,396 yearly). Jobs for nursing assistants and health care assistants may be found all over British Columbia, in settings including residential care facilities, long term care facilities, medical facilities and hospitals.

The term certified nursing assistant is not often used in British Columbia, but a nursing assistant, health care assistant or residential care assistant is the title that refers to this career category. The following openings for individuals with this type of training were listed on at the time of this writing:

  • Nursing unit assistant - Vancouver Coastal Health, North Vancouver
  • Nursing assistant - Northern Health, Quesnel
  • Resident care aide - Northern Health, Dawson Creek
  • Resident care attendant - Interior Health, Grand Forks
  • Long term care aide - Northern Health, Masset
  • Residential care attendant - Northern Health, Fort St John
  • Milk bank tech - BC Children's Hospital, Vancouver
  • Nursing unit assistant, tertiary mental health - Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver
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