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CNA Salaries in Québec - QC

There couldn’t be a better time to pursue a career as a health care assistant in Québec. Although the country’s health care system was recently restructured and some hospitals were downsized, nurses and nursing assistants are now in demand once again. Especially in smaller communities throughout Canada, nursing assistants are needed. If you are willing to work in one of the smaller towns in lieu of working in a larger metropolitan area, jobs for nursing assistants abound.

According to, the average HCA salary in Québec is C$28,059 per year. Salaries may vary from a low figure of C$9.51 per hour (a pay of C$19,780 per year) to a high of C$18.69 per hour (an annual pay of C$38,875) in the province. There are many opportunities for well trained nursing and healthcare assistants in Québec. A recent search of the classified on found the following openings for nursing assistants in the province:

  • CNA - S.P. Services Sante Inc.,  Longueuil
  • CNA - La Maison Manuel Henri et la Résidence Le St-Rosai, Rimouski
  • CNA - Groupe SFP Conseillers En Ressources Humanies Inc., Trois-rivieres
  • CNA -Societe En Commandite 2552 Lebrun, Montréal
  • CNA-Clinique Medicale De Mirabel Inc.,  Mirabel
  • Entry level Nursing Assistant – Career Centre Canada, Montreal
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