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CNA/HCA Schools in British Columbia - BC

Although they are primarily known by the title of health care assistant in British Columbia, nursing assistants perform the same duties there as they do in other parts of Canada and the United States.  The health care system in British Columbia recognizes a number of HCA (health care assistant) training programs. Schools in British Columbia commonly offer this major in lieu of certified nurse assistant, or CNA, training.

Classes that one will encounter in HCA programs in British Columbia are quite similar to CNA courses. Students study anatomy, physiology, psychology, medical terminology, communications, disease pathology, and problems of special populations such as Alzheimer’s disease. The student will take theory, lab, and clinical practice courses in a typical HC program. Most HCA programs also offer necessary certifications in first aid, CPR, and BC FoodSafe (British Columbia’s food safety program). This post-secondary education will garner the graduate a diploma, certificate, or degree, depending upon the school one attends. After training is completed, the HCA graduate is prepared for a variety of job titles throughout British Columbia, including nursing assistant, geriatric assistant or long term care aide, residential care attendant, resident care aide, home healthcare worker, nursing unit assistant and nursing aide.

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