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Under Québec law, a nursing assistant may assess a patient’s state of health and carry out a care plan, provide nursing and medical treatment to maintain or restore health and prevent illness, and provide palliative care. Those who wish to become practicing nursing assistants in Québec must undergo formal CNA education in Québec or one of the other surrounding provinces. This is more commonly known as "registered nursing assistant training" in Québec. Before the province will issue a permit to practice as a nursing assistant, the candidate must earn a diploma from a nursing assistant education program.

A curriculum for nursing must last at least 1800 hours and must be undertaken after one’s secondary studies are completed. A minimum of 945 of these hours must be in theoretical and laboratory hours in the following subjects: 150 hours on the legal and ethical aspects of the profession; 135 hours in basic care procedures; 330 hours in the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, endocrine system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, reproductive system and urinary system; 90 hours in pharmacotherapy and nutrition; 90 hours of infection control and first aid; 30 hours of palliative care studies; and 120 hours in mental health approaches. At least 845 hours must be in: 135 hours in specific care to patients who have lost autonomy; 120 hour in geriatric studies; 120 hours of caring for patients with mental and physical impairments; 330 hours in medical and rehabilitation care; and 60 hours in providing care to a patient in a family setting who has lost autonomy.

Classes at schools that provide nursing education in Québec may be in either French or English, but candidates for registration in the province must demonstrate knowledge of both languages.

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