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Colorado Gerontologist Salaries - CO

Those with the skills and training to assist in the care and treatment of the elderly are very much in demand in Colorado, and that demand is only going to increase.  According to information gathered by the Kaiser Family foundation, over 10% of Colorado’s population is 65 and older, and it is no secret that, in the coming years, this percentage is going to increase dramatically, as the baby boomers age.

For gerontologists, this means their area of care is going come under a lot of pressure in the coming decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of jobs in areas related to the care of the elderly is going to increase by as much as 23% in the next ten years, and for probably a long while after that.

For you, this means you’ll be entering into the career at a time when employment opportunities will be plentiful, and those places that have a shortage of trained gerontology professionals will be offering very attractive salaries and perks to attract new employees.

It’s hard to calculate an exact gerontologist salary in Colorado, because there are some many different types of careers that fall under this branch. The BLS lists the salary range for the profession from as little as $20,000, to as high as $120,000.

A Geriatric Nurse Practitioner is a good baseline gerontology career for comparisons, making $85,000 dollars a year, according to Here is how much they can expect to earn in Colorado’s largest cities;

  • Aurora - $91,000
  • Colorado Springs – $88,000
  • Lakewood - $84,000
  • Denver – $83,000

As you can see, wages can vary quite a bit depending on region, but there are several other factors; career, experience, and level of education. A geriatric counselor at Memorial Hospital Central will probably make around $40,000, while a gerontology-focused psychiatry working as an auxiliary at Denver Health Medical Center might make almost three times that.

Upon graduation, look around a little bit and try and find the place that’ll give you the most money, or the best experience, depending on what you want from your career. Employment opportunities should be plentiful, so take some time and try and find the best fit.

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