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Colorado Healthcare Administration Salaries - CO

The average healthcare administration salary in Colorado is an astounding $71,000 per year. Healthcare administrators play a vital role in keeping an entire medical outfit running efficiently so that patient care is maximized and healthcare documentation is held to acceptable levels set forth by the state. With such large responsibilities, it is no wonder that healthcare administrators in Colorado are compensated so well.

In 2008, a study done revealed that approximately 5.3% of the adult population in Colorado was enrolled in the Medicaid program, which had increased by 1% from the 2005 average. Overall, that increased allowed for an additional 1,700 adults to be added to the Medicaid ranks. These figures, in addition to the increase projected by the BLS, show that the need for medical services continues to grow.

The most common fear among new healthcare administrators in Colorado is that their lack of professional experience will hold them back from securing jobs. Yet, this is typically an unfounded fear. So long as there is the need for medical intervention, there will be a need for behind-the-scenes operation of healthcare administration, essentially giving new candidates the opportunity to enter the workplace

Because geographical location often tends to influence salary, the list below details the average healthcare administrator salaries in Colorado by city:

  • Denver: $70,000
  • Colorado Springs: $67,000
  • Aurora: $70,000
  • Lakewood: $70,000