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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Colorado - CO

By choosing a career as a lactation consultant, you have chosen a career that is personally rewarding and reaps a great amount of gratitude from new mothers struggling to ensure a successful outcome with their breastfeeding. Now, consider that the average lactation consultant salary in Colorado is about $75,000 per year. That is a powerhouse of an equation for both personal gratification and financial reward.

In Colorado, annual salary can, however, fluctuate based on several different factors. The most important aspect to determining salary is experience and exposure. While new mothers may not have the option of choosing their lactation consultant while in the hospital, they will have that choice once they get home. Getting your name into the public and becoming recognized as a competent, caring lactation consultant will help you retain more clients and earn a higher salary. This type of experience will only come with time, but you can start by getting involved in professional associations like the Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition.

You should also consider your geographic location in Colorado as a salary-determining factor. Here are some lactation consultant salaries in Colorado:

  • Denver: $74,000
  • Colorado Springs: $71,000
  • Aurora: $74,000
  • Fort Collins: $60,000
  • Pueblo: $65,000

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