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Colorado LPN Salary

The last step to becoming an LPN in Colorado is to find employment. Jobseekers are encouraged to research hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient care facilities and physician office’s in areas of high population density were job availability is more prevalent. Once hired, LPNs can expect an optimistic occupational outlook. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced a projected increase of 21% in employment growth for LPNs between 2008 and 2018.

Not only will this growth result in continuous new job position openings, but may influence the salary earning potentials for LPNs nationally and locally. Presently, LPNs in Colorado are earning an estimated $39,000 annually. The average salary statistics for the largest cities in Colorado are:

Denver, Colorado LPN Salary:  $39,000/yr
Colorado Springs, Colorado LPN Salary:  $36,000/yr
Aurora, Colorado LPN Salary:  $39,000/yr
Lakewood, Colorado LPN Salary:  $39,000/yr
Fort Collins, Colorado LPN Salary:  $33,000/yr

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