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Medical Office Manager Salary in Colorado – CO

The salary for a medical office manager in Colorado is dependent on many factors, including geographical location and demographics of the area, educational background, experience in the field, and the type of specialty the facility offers. Most medical office managers work in hospitals (managing a specific area) and private physician offices, although outpatient clinics, government healthcare facilities, and residential care facilities for the elderly are examples of other potential job sources. Large cities and metropolitan areas are likely to have more types of facilities. For example, the Denver-Aurora-Boulder metropolitan area has a combined population of more than three million people—almost 62% of the entire population of Colorado.

The salary for a medical office manager tends to be less than that of a practice administrator simply by virtue of the differences in responsibilities each role has. The practice administrator has a more encompassing role that includes direct interaction with the physicians and overall vision and scope of the practice itself. The office manager typically oversees the daily “business” side of the practice, dealing with such things as paying bills, sending insurance claims, scheduling, staffing, and office upkeep.

According to, the following salaries are typical for medical office managers in these Colorado cities:

Denver:  $42,000
Colorado Springs:  $40,000
Aurora:  $42,000
Lakewood:  $42,000
Fort Collins:  $34,000
Pueblo:  $37,000
Greeley:  $34,000
Castle Rock:  $44,000