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Medical Technologist Salaries in Colorado

Medical Technologist Salary in Colorado

After completing proper training and education, a medical technologist’s next challenge is securing and job and maximizing salary earning potential. Job seekers should always start out by targeting more metropolitan areas, like Denver and Colorado Springs, where large populations depend more heavily on healthcare professionals. Larger cities also contain more hospitals and ambulatory healthcare services which employ the majority of medical technologists in Colorado. Aside from geographic location, an individual’s level of education, amount of work experience, and national certification status can likewise impact medical technology salaries in Colorado. Yet, current industry trends can also greatly determine salary expectations.

According the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, between the years 2008 and 2018 the field of medical technology will experience an employment growth rate of 12%. Consequently, this growth spurt will open up tens of thousands of jobs nationwide, from which Colorado will likely benefit.  Presently, medical technologists in Colorado earn an annually salary of approximately $54,000, slightly under the national average of $60,000. Here are the average salaries for some of the largest cities in Colorado:

United States:  $60,000/yr
Colorado:  $54,000/yr
Denver:  $53,000/yr
Colorado Springs:  $52,000/yr
Aurora:  $54,000/yr
Lakewood:  $53,000/yr
Boulder:  $54,000/yr

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