Midwife Salary in Colorado - CO

Midwives' Salaries in Colorado - CO

Homebirth midwives in Colorado must be Registered Midwives (RMs). Keep in mind that although one may train to become a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), in Colorado CNMs may not assist at home births. Only RMs are permitted to attend births at home. The midwife salary in Colorado reflects the four to six years of training and internship experience these healthcare professionals must undergo prior to becoming registered to work in the state. According to indeed.com, the average RM in Colorado earns a yearly salary of $84,000. The average CNM working in Colorado makes an annual salary of $90,000, also per indeed.com. The higher amount of pay for a CNM versus a RM is due to the fact that CNMs must be trained as Registered Nurses before acquiring specialized training in midwifery.

The pay for a midwife may fluctuate depending upon the type of organization he or she works for, his or her educational level, and the city or rural area in Colorado where he or she works. The following salary data courtesy of indeed.com shows the differences among salaries for both RMs and CNMs working in various areas of the state.

  Direct-Entry Midwife CNM
Colorado Springs, CO $78,000 $84,000
Denver, CO $83,000 $90,000
Aurora, CO $84,000 $90,000
Lakewood, CO $83,000 $90,000

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