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MRI Technician Salaries in Colorado

MRI technicians in Colorado enjoy a nice median salary of $58,000. However, MRI technician salaries in Colorado can vary according to experience, facility type, and location. There is no doubt that the MRI field is seeing growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics employs a 17% overall growth between now and 2018. Since you are just beginning a career as an MRI technician in Colorado, this growth should represent substantial employment opportunities for you, even with minimal professional experience. 

MRI technicians in Colorado can find themselves employed in hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, and private practice offices. There seems to be a trend towards higher paying salaries in hospital settings, with the lowest paying MRI technician salaries arising from private practice offices. Even working below the Colorado MRI technician salary average, you can be sure that you have chosen a profession with financial potential.

You should also keep in mind that larger cities with higher populations tend to front more medical care, essentially meaning that MRI technicians in Colorado can earn more pay in those areas. Because salary figures can alter from city to city, listed below are some MRI technician salary figures throughout Colorado:

  • Denver: $57,000
  • Colorado Springs: $56,000
  • Aurora: $57,000
  • Lake Wood: $58,000
  • Fort Collins: $47,000

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