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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Colorado - CO

Start considering one of the accredited nuclear medicine technologist schools in Colorado to help you meet the educational requirements.  Colorado is home to many four year universities and community colleges that have training programs designed for the budding nuclear medicine technologist and accredited by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board.  When contemplating which school to attend, contact admissions counselors and ask questions.  Be sure the school’s program is accredited.  Also, be sure the training program includes clinical experience, as there are many duties that simply cannot be learned in class alone.

What about your job, the kids, the house?  When will you fit in lectures and seminars?  On campus learning experiences are not for everyone.  Consider one of the online training and degree programs designed for people just like you, busy people who would like to further their education, but need a bit more flexibility.  Contact the school via email or telephone to determine if the online learning approach is more appropriate for you.

Ok, so you know about the educational options and the Colorado licensing process, but what about the coursework?  What will you learn about in two years that will prepare you to be a nuclear medicine technologist in Colorado?  Courses in radiopharmaceuticals, anatomy, physiology, and biophysics will be included.  Clinical experience should focus on machine operation, image reading and collection, and safety considerations related to nuclear medicine.

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