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Physical Therapy Salary in Colorado - CO

Job opportunities for physical therapists in Colorado are expected to remain strong in the years to come. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment for physical therapists to grow by 30% through 2018 while the need for physical therapy services in Colorado continues to grow.

At the present time, the average physical therapist salary in Colorado is about $69,780 annually; and the hourly pay rate is approximately $33.55. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that some of the more experienced physical therapists in Colorado have the potential to earn more than $97,390 per year; so there is definitely great financial potential for those who choose a career in this profession.

In Colorado, the Baby Boom generation is entering an age of increased risk for heart attack and stroke; both of which could potentially cause debilitating conditions that would require an indeterminate amount of physical rehabilitation, such as learning how to increase upper and lower body strength, maintain balance and gait, and restrengthen areas of the body that have become weak as the result of illness.

Here you will see some of the average physical therapy salaries throughout Colorado:

  • Denver:  $72,470
  • Colorado Springs:  $73,200
  • Aurora:  $72,470
  • Boulder:  $64,150
  • Fort Collins:  $63,400
  • Grand Junction:  $63,010
  • Greeley:  $67,210
  • Pueblo:  $65,260

Salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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