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Colorado Surgical Technologist Salary - CO

The average surgical tech salary in Colorado is $42,000, and there are several factors that can ultimately influence your annual rate of pay, such as level of experience, facility type, and your location in Colorado. As a newly certified surgical technologist, the only experience you will have will be from the clinical training program you completed. This is not, however, a deterrent for hiring in Colorado. Many in employers in Colorado are attracted by this new level of dedication and determination, as well as recent training on new surgical technologies.

Naturally, different types of surgical facilities in Colorado pay their employees differently. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an estimated growth in this field of 25% between now and 2018, which should help new surgical technologists in Colorado find lucrative employment opportunities. The highest paying facilities in Colorado were specialty surgery clinics, while the lowest paying jobs were in general physician offices. So, you can see where facility preference makes a difference.

To get an idea of what your individual salary might look like as a surgical tech in Colorado, take a look at these salary figures from various cities in Colorado:

  • Denver: $41,000
  • Colorado Springs: $40,000
  • Aurora: $41,000
  • Lake Wood: $42,000
  • Fort Collins: $33,000
  • Pueblo: $36,000

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