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Diagnostic Sonographer Salary in Colorado - CO

Ultrasound technicians in Colorado are among some of the highest paid in this profession throughout the entire country. Currently, the average diagnostic sonographer salary in Colorado ranges between $64,290 and $77,380, with most ultrasound technicians making anywhere from $27.23 to $37.20 an hour. Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that employment opportunities for ultrasound techs in Colorado would be likely to increase by 18% through 2018. With just 870 ultrasound techs currently employed in Colorado, it is possible that the increasing need for medical care is outweighing the number of ultrasound technicians available in Colorado.

As recently as 2008, about 75.9% of Colorado women over the age of 50 reported having annual mammograms; 72.7% of Colorado women over the age of 40 reported having had a mammogram within the preceding 2 years. While most women in Colorado appear to realize the benefits of having annual ultrasound mammogram studies done, there is definitely room for improvement. With more ultrasound technicians entering the workforce in Colorado, the frequency of preventative mammograms will increase and the number of fatalities related to breast cancer will decrease.

Some of the median ultrasound technician salaries in Colorado include:

  • Colorado Springs: $71,590
  • Boulder: $83,790
  • Aurora/Denver: $79,790

Salary figures provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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