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Colorado Vet Tech Salaries

Salaries for Veterinary Technicians in Colorado

Anticipated growth of the profession by the year 2016 is estimated at 41% for the nation. The estimated growth in Colorado for the same timeframe is 37%. The median annual salary for Colorado is right in line with the median annual salary across the nation.

The average Colorado veterinary technician salary is $29,200 and the nation has a figure of $28,900. Likewise, the hourly wage median is very similar with the national wage at $13.89 and the wage in Colorado is at $14.02. The highest median hourly wage can be found in the Fort Collins- Loveland area with a figure of $14.40/hour. All of the other major areas of the state have very similar median hourly wages with a variance of only approximately .60 from the highest reported median wage.

City / Area Median Annual Salary
Boulder $28,000
Denver $28,000
Fort Collins $29,000
Pueblo $26,000
West Colorado $28,000

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