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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Connecticut – CT

Connecticut has a commitment to cutting-edge and quality healthcare, and this means it’s an excellent state in which to pursue a career in cardiac sonography. For years, getting good diagnostic information about a patient’s heart and circulatory systems meant painful invasive methods and expensive radiology. Cardiac sonographers are able to cheaply, accurately, and painlessly produce images that are a key component of diagnosis, and frequently save lives by revealing things other diagnosis methods might miss.

Cardiac sonographer jobs in Connecticut take several forms. The majority of sonographers work in large-scale care facilities, such as the New Haven Hospital, or St. Vincent’s Medical Center. There, they are a part of team of cardiovascular diagnosticians, and produce the various kinds of echocardiograms necessary for proper diagnosis.

Cardiac sonographers in Connecticut also frequently work in Cardiologists’ offices, assisting the cardiologist directly in diagnosis, and dealing with patients sent in from other clinics.

It is becoming increasingly common for medical facilities in Connecticut to hire temporary, or contracted, cardiac sonographers, from independent companies that provide these services. Cardiac sonographers aren’t cheap, and neither is their equipment, so places that can’t afford to hire one full-time employ traveling cardiac sonographers when needed. These sonographers frequently get paid quite well, and get decent benefits.

No matter what sort of cardiac sonography career you choose to pursue in Connecticut, you’ll find yourself engaged in complex, rewarding work, that is well compensated, and commands a substantial amount of respect.