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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Connecticut - CT

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for cardiac sonographers is excellent, with demand for employment expected to increase 24% by 2018. In Connecticut, a state that both pays well and values skilled and trained medical care, this demand could possibly be much greater.

An average cardiac sonographer salary in Connecticut, according to, is about $73.000, and even higher in Connecticut’s more well known metropolitan areas:

  • Stamford - $78,000
  • Bridgeport - $68,000
  • Hartford - $64,000
  • New Haven - $61,000

The top-earning cardiac sonographers in Connecticut are usually employed either in top-tier positions at large care facilities, like the Masonicare Health Center or the Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, or in the offices of very successful cardiologists.

The lowest-earning cardiac sonographers are typically those trained through a one-year certification course, which is no longer a viable way to get into the industry.

Most cardiac sonographers working in Connecticut, who make very near the numbers in the list above, are employed in hospitals, medical centers, or work as traveling diagnosticians employed through a contract-company.

No matter which career appeals to you, cardiac sonographers are among the best paid of all allied health professionals.  In Connecticut these professionals also have some of the best job prospects in the nation.