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Connecticut CNA Salaries

Students who plan to become Certified Nursing Assistants in the State of Connecticut can benefit from a career in this rapidly growing field. The senior population is expected to balloon over the next ten to thirty years, which, when combined with the shortage of nurses in the state, creates an excellent opportunity for anyone who aspires to become a CNA.

When compared to other states, the State of Connecticut sits at the middle-low end in terms of pay. On average, CNAs in Connecticut can expect a salary of at least $23,000 per year, with $29,000 as the median and $31,000 being the highest possible salary to gain. CNAs with the highest salaries ($29,000-$31,000 per annum) live in Bridgeport, Danbury, and Derby. CNAs in Ansonia, Groton, Meriden, and Middletown make the least, sitting at a range of $25,000-$28,000 per annum.

Although new CNAs would have a better chance at finding employment through a home care or retirement facility, they are fortunate to be in an industry that allows them to work in virtually any field. Certified Nursing Assistants can work in schools, medical clinics, hospitals, or any environment that requires someone with specific medical knowledge. Care associates usually make the least out of this group, pulling in an average of $20,000 per annum. In-Home Caregivers, on the other hand, are at the top-median of earnings, taking in $33,000 per year.

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