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Connecticut Dental Assistant Salaries

For dental assistants, reports a general Connecticut Dental Assistant salary of $53,000, which is much higher than these professions are paid on average across the rest of the country. Amounts by individual cities are as follows:

Bridgeport: $51,000
Bristol: $48,000
Danbury: $53,000
Greenwich: $62,000
New Britain: $48,000
New Haven: $46,000
Norwalk: $52,000
Stamford: $56,000
Waterbury: $48,000

These amounts also are in line with the general salary range from Connecticut dental assistants with the exception being a higher salary rate in Greenwich. The average salary for a dental assistant in 2008, reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $32,380. This is much less than what Connecticut reports. Perhaps Connecticut simply has a higher demand for dental assistants.

Connecticut Dental Assistant Associations

For dental assistants, there is the Connecticut Dental Assistants Association. On the website, there is information on continuing education, jobs, education, and more. The website is To become a member, go through

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