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Connecticut Gerontologist Salaries - CT

Connecticut mirrors the United States in that roughly 13% of its population is 65 and over. Like in the rest of the nation, this percentage is also expected to get much, much bigger in the coming years, which means those with skill and training in gerontology will be very much demand.

Connecticut is one of the highest-paying states, and for a hotly-demanded career like Gerontology, this means some of the nicest salaries nationwide. Though there is no good number that represents an average gerontologist salary in Connecticut, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives an estimate for the career that ranges from $20,000 to over $120,000, we’ll look at some statistics for Geriatric Nurse Practitioners across the state, as they make close to the average;

  • Stamford - $105,000
  • Bridgeport - $94,000
  • Hartford - $87,000
  • New Haven - $83,000

As you can see, where you choose to work plays a huge part in how much you make, but your potential salary is also affected by what sort of facility you work at, what your level of education and experience is, and what sort of gerontology-related career you embark on.

To continue the example above, a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner working at a large facility like the Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, might make a good bit above you would expect for the region. A GNP staffed at an elderly home, would make quite a bit less, but have a much more community oriented, intimate environment.

As you step out of the classroom for the final time, make sure to look around a bit and find the gerontology career in Connecticut that really suits your needs, goals, and wants.

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