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Connecticut Healthcare Administration Salaries - CT

The median healthcare administration salary in Connecticut is $83,000 a year, which is slightly higher than the 2008 national average of $80,240. There is no doubt that there is serious money to be made in this field for individuals dedicated to the cause. Because healthcare administrators and managers are solely responsible for ensuring the efficiency of operations within a healthcare setting, they essentially trade off responsibility for the big dollars.

A 2008-2009 study of Medicaid recipients in Connecticut revealed an increase from 444,300 to 459,500 Medicaid insureds, an estimated 3.3% increase. The study, furthermore, indicated that between 2007 and 2008, the number of private insureds in Connecticut rose from 160,300 to 165,109, an average increase of 0.3%. While this study does not even include the self-employed, Medicare recipients, or those covered by the VA, it demonstrates that fact that more and more people in Connecticut are in need of medical coverage.

CareerTotal EmploymentAnnual Median Wage
Computer Systems Analysts7,160$94,430
Database Administrators and Architects1,530$106,030
2019 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2018-28 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

As the need for medical coverage is sustained, healthcare administrators in Connecticut can expect to see an increase in the demand for their services, and essentially an increase in their pay. Many recently graduated healthcare administration professionals feel that their minimal experience may deter hospitals and other healthcare facilities from hiring them. However, the continuing growth of the medical field in Connecticut will provide opportunities for new professionals in the healthcare administration field to gain some valuable experience and earn their way to the top.

Because salary can often be dictated by location, below are some details on the healthcare administration salaries in Connecticut by city:

  • Bridgeport: $78,000
  • Hartford: $72,000
  • New Haven: $69,000
  • Stamford: $87,000
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